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Here's why Thermacrete Construction, LLC and Insulated Concrete Forms - ICF's:

Experts in the installation of ICFs
Product variety and knowledge
Energy efficiency and Green Building for your clients

  • Eco Block ICF ConstructionNiche Market - As demand increases for superior alternatives to conventional building , Thermacrete Construction combines construction expertise with the latest technology in building with ICFs. Delivering unbeatable energy efficiency and exceptionally strong structures, ICFs installed by Thermacrete offer the best in Green construction. Our focus is quality of construction and energy conservation, emphasizing efficient and innovative solutions to unique building situations.
  • One Stop Shopping - Thermacrete Construction offers a thorough understanding of ICFs with years of experience in the installation of ICFs for homes and commercial structures. We supply and install ALL types of ICFs depending on your specific needs.
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  • Stone House Built with ICFsMore Building Opportunities - Building with Insulated Concrete Forms opens your  opportunity to serve your clients interested in the latest technology in Green Building.
  • Improved Profit - ICF installation is not only energy efficient but installation efficient.  Your project moves faster towards completion.  Time is money!
  • Client Benefits - Structures built with Insulated Concrete forms offer your clients numerous benefits including:
    • Savings - Structures built with ICFs installed by Thermacrete deliver amazing 25% to 50% energy savings versus traditional buildings with wood or steel-frame construction.
    • Safety - Thermacrete installed ICFs build exceptionally strong homes and offer termite-free conditions in exterior walls and foundation. Thermacrete installed Insulated Concrete Forms deliver solid, lasting construction that resists fire, wind, and wear and tear over time.
    • Proven Energy Performance - Combining polystyrene, concrete and rebar steel reinforcement with tighter construction yields efficient thermal mass in the walls. Walls built with ICFs conserve heating and cooling energy much better than conventional wood-frame walls. As well as reducing monthly fuel bills, this conservation also allows for the use of smaller heating and cooling equipment which can save money in construction.
    • Health - Structures built with Insulated Concrete Forms are mold and mildew resistant.
    • Green Building - Building with ICFs minimizes the number of different building products involved in home building, reduces the amount of waste generated on the construction site and lowers energy requirements for heating and cooling in the finished home.

Let Thermacrete Construction, LLC help you build the house of tomorrow, today!

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